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Prarambhika Sports Academy is one of the best basketball academies in Bihar. The basketball courts are approved by the Basketball Federation. Professional coaching provides an impetus to our students and enthuse them to become state and consequently national players of repute.



Prarambhika Sports Academy provides a full fledged cricket field spread over 2 acres of land, with Bermuda grass.The cricket academy has one main pitch and four nets (one astro turf, one cement and two turf) along with professional coaches to help find the best in you.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Prarambhika Sports Academy provides the best of training to all the table tennis enthusiasts in order to nurture their skills & talents. The aim is to produce the future Olympians for the Nation by offering state of art facilities for learning and excelling in table tennis.



At Prarambhika Sports Academy, we have the best instructors in town to help you learn & enjoy this sports. This activity is best for improvement in cardiovascular health, increased strength, fitness, flexibility, strength in the back, good hand-eye coordination, and agility. Prarambhika is one of the very few centers that provide coaching for KHO-KHO in Patna.

Yoga & Meditation

Prarambhika sports academy cater idyllic and unblemished aura for Yoga, the Hindu discipline aimed at training the Consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility that is achieved through the three paths of actions, knowledge, and devotion. Acquisition of knowledge of these asanas by the conditioned trainer facilitates at araxis, aids in introspection, heartsease and keeps us at a distance from diseases.


Prarambhika Sports Academy provides the best Badminton classes in Patna. With great facilities such as badminton courts, vinyl flooring, we aim to nurture and produce the best badminton players who can represent our country on national and international platforms.


Prarambhika Sports Academy, have the best masters that are well experienced to teach everybody self defense which includes karate, kung fu, tae-kwon-do, that helps in developing physical agility and self-confidence. Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of one self from harm. Being aware of and avoiding potentially dangerous situations is one useful technique of self-defense.

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